Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity is more than just a cosmetic concern, though. It increases your risk of diseases and health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

What is it?

Doctors often use a formula based on your height and weight — called the body mass index (BMI) — to determine if you are obese. Adults with a BMI of 30 or higher are considered obese. Extreme obesity, also called severe obesity or morbid obesity, occurs when you have a BMI of 40 or more. With morbid obesity, you are especially likely to have serious health problems.

  •                       Below 18.5   Underweight
  •                       18.5 — 24.9       Normal
  •                       25.0 — 29.9 Overweight
  •                       30.0 and higher Obese

Today, about one in three American adults is considered to be obese, but obesity is also becoming an increasing health problem globally. The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity.

How do I recognise it?

Symptoms associated with obesity can include:


  • Inactivity.
  • Unhealthy diet and eating habits.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Certain medications.
  • Medical problems.

How do you treat it?

Like any disease, even if there is no cure, there is almost always something you can do to manage it and take control. There are three main areas involved in the treatment of any disease:

  • Conventional medicines
  • Complementary medicines
  • Complementary therapies

For information on medicines and therapies relevant to Obesity, make an appointment at your nearest Intervene pharmacy.

Learn all about the drugs used to treat the disease and any complementary medicines or therapies proven to help. Equip yourself with the tools to manage the condition and not be managed by it.

How do you live with it?

Certain adjustments may be needed to get on with your life, and often, some simple tips and advice can go a long way to making these changes. 

When you come to a Lynchs Pharmacy clinic we give you any information available to make your life easier and enable you to live with your condition.


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