How does Lynch’s pharmacy help?Those with Alzheimer’s, as well as those who care for them, need support and understanding to cope. We start by giving an overview of what Alzheimer’s Disease is including the causes, risk factors and disease progression. Then we discuss the various treatment options currently available, including medicines and therapies. Finally, we discuss How to Live with it. The various problems encountered by the patient and the carer are addressed and solutions provided. This section has been designed to make life for the patient and carer as problem free as possible.

What else do we do?

With a dedicated Alzheimer’s section on our website, you can start managing Alzheimer’s Disease regardless of the stage you are in. In the early stages the Mediterranean diet, resistance exercises and brain training have all been proven to be effective. In the later stages of Alzheimer’s Disease sensory therapies (art, music, touch), reminiscence therapy, jigsaws and card games all have scientific evidence recommending their use. We provide a quick start guide to get you up and running for each therapy.Join us online where we will put you through your paces with our specially designed exercise programmes. Exercise has been shown to slow the development of brain changes attributed to Alzheimer’s. For something gentle to start with, our online Yoga, Chi Gong and Tai-Chi instructors will get you stretching and exercising in a slow, calm and relaxed manner. Explore the mouth watering recipes all following the Mediterranean diet. So log on to and get started on your personal plan today.Peace of mind

Our online Alzheimer’s library has articles and videos relating to the management and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, along with helpful tips on everything from When to Stop Driving to Legal Issues and Living Wills. If it is relevant to Alzheimer’s, it is covered. We can also provide recommendations on useful assisted living devices, if required. There are many products available to make the carer’s life easier. These include walking aids, patient alarms, locks for presses, shower accessories, devices to protect from falls and many more useful items to assist in your day to day management programme. At Lynch’s pharmacy we also understand that the carer needs to be looked after. We provide information specifically designed with the carer in mind, covering issues such as Emotions as a Carer and Common Problems for Carers.For a more detailed management information click here