Hydrocortisyl (hydrocortisone) is a medicine which is used in dermatitis, eczema and inflammatory skin conditions.

Why have I been prescribed Hydrocortisyl?

Hydrocortisyl (hydrocortisone) is a medicine which is used in dermatitis, eczema and inflammatory skin conditions.

How does it work?

Hydrocortisyl reduces inflammation and can help to relieve the symptoms of certain types of inflammatory skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis.

When and how do I use it?

  • It should be used sparingly.
  • The amount of cream you can fit on the tip of your finger should be enough to treat an area the size of the back of your hand.

What’s the dose?

Applied one to four times daily.

Could it interact with other tablets?

  • There are no known interactions between hydrocortisyl and other medications.
  • Herbal products should only be taken after talking with your doctor.

What are the possible risks or side-effects?

Everyone's reaction to a medicine is different. It is difficult to predict which side-effects you will have from taking a particular medicine, or whether you will have any side-effects at all. The important thing is to tell your prescriber or pharmacist if you are having problems with your medicine.

The frequency of these side-effects is unknown:

  • hypersensitivity reactions - seek medical advice if you get any type of hypersensitivity reaction
  • thinning of the skin or striae especially when the area of skin treated with Hydrocortisone is in a skin fold or is tightly covered or sealed

Can I drink alcohol while taking it?

There are no known interactions between alcohol and Hydrocortisyl.

Always ask you doctor or pharmacist however as other medications you are taking may have a bearing on this.

What if I’m pregnant/breastfeeding?

You should only take this medicine during pregnancy if your doctor thinks you need to take it.

You should only breast-feed your baby while taking this medicine on the advice of your doctor or midwife.


If you have any more questions please ask your Pharmacist.

Remember to keep all medicines out of reach of children
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: We have made every effort to ensure that the content of this information sheet is correct at time of publish, but remember that information about drugs may change. This sheet does not list all the uses and side-effects associated with this drug. For full details please see the drug information leaflet which comes with your medicine. Your doctor will assess your medical circumstances and draw your attention to any information or side-effects which may be relevant in your particular case.